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Tuesday Group

Tuesday Group is a Boundary Waters Connect sponsored community gathering that takes place weekly over the noon hour on Tuesdays at the Grand Ely Lodge.


We provide a space for people to come together and learn something new, and strive to feature speakers and topics relevant to northeast Minnesota. Tuesday group attendees are encouraged to order lunch, but ordering lunch is not required. 


Many Tuesday Group presentations are offered in a hybrid model: both in-person and live online via Zoom. Go to the Events page for information on upcoming Tuesday Group sessions. 

Recorded Tuesday Group presentations can be found below and on the Boundary Waters Connect YouTube channel

Tuesday Group: Inside The War Below with Author Ernest Scheyder

Tuesday Group: Inside The War Below with Author Ernest Scheyder

On June 4 the Tuesday Group presentation was provided by Ernest Scheyder, Reuters journalist and author of the book The War Below: Lithium, Copper, and the Global Battle to Power Our Lives. Ernest summarized the book, read an excerpt, and answered audience questions. A new economic war for critical minerals has begun, and The War Below is an urgent dispatch from its front lines. To build electric vehicles, solar panels, cell phones, and millions of other devices means the world must dig more mines to extract lithium, copper, and other vital building blocks. But mines are deeply unpopular, even as they have a role to play in fighting climate change and powering crucial technologies. These tensions have sparked a worldwide reckoning over the sourcing of necessary materials, and no one understands the complexities of these issues better than Ernest Scheyder, whose exclusive access to sites around the globe has allowed him to gain unparalleled insights into a future without fossil fuels. The War Below reveals the explosive brawl among industry titans, conservationists, community groups, policymakers, and many others over whether some places are too special to mine or whether the habitats of rare plants, sensitive ecosystems, Indigenous holy sites, and other places should be dug up for their riches. With vivid and engaging writing, Scheyder shows the human toll of this war and expertly chronicles Washington’s attempts to wean itself off supplies from China, the global leader in mineral production and processing. The War Below paints a powerfully honest and nuanced picture of what is at stake in this new fight for energy independence, revealing how America and the rest of the world’s hunt for the “new oil” directly affects us all.
Tuesday Group -- 'Ask-Me-Anything' About Climate Change with Jessica Hellmann
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