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Northern Lakes Art Association

This summer the Northern Lakes Art Association is putting together so many community events! They have some amazing kids events coming up, let me give you a preview:

Stars of the North Broadway Workshop is a 6-day workshop opened to youth ages 8-18! The purpose of this workshop is to teach youth the fundamentals of theatre while giving them opportunities to work alongside professional actors/actresses from around the world!

The NLAA Youth Theatre Camp is putting on a 'Seussical: Kids' musical show this summer and is inviting youth to come engage in community theatre! The practices for this musical take place June 28th - July 8th and will be great fun for the whole family!

Greenstone Art Camp is open to youth of all ages, and mission is to provide an enriching and inspiring experience through the arts for youth in our growing community. Sign your kids up for a one-of-a-kind camp experience located directly in Ely, MN!

Click the image below to get your child signed up for some amazing camp and community opportunities through Northern Lakes Art Association!! Once you are on the home website, you can hover over the page labelled "Youth Art Experiences" to check out any of these programs!

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