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Meet Ellen: Why We Live Here Series

We’re back with another valuable Northwoods connection!

Over the next couple weeks the Boundary Waters Connect team will continue introducing you to people who relocated to Wilderness-edge communities of northeast Minnesota. Last week you heard Dee talk about the serenity of Wilderness-edge living. Now we would like to introduce you to Ellen.

Ellen grew up going on trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. She has always loved public lands and the Wilderness, and knew she wanted to live as close to these spaces as possible. But how was she going to make it work? How to find enough work to make it work? Despite her questions, she took the leap in 2007.

It’s not always been easy; the process of building something can be slow – whether it’s building a life in a rural community along the edge of the Wilderness, or building a ski trail on a sprawling northwoods plot of land. But Ellen reminds us that it’s worth it. On her homestead in Babbitt, she takes comfort in knowing she is learning skills and ways of being that she wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

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