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Have You Heard of Tuesday Group?

Tuesday Group is a community gathering that takes place weekly over the noon hour on Tuesdays. All are welcome! We meet in a conference room at the Grand Ely Lodge, providing a space for people to come together, be in community with one another, and to learn something new.

Tuesday Group coordinators strive to feature speakers and topics relevant to our communities and to northeast Minnesota. We’ve hosted government officials, local public school students, residents who recently went on exciting adventures, community leaders, and more!

In fact, recently we hosted Emily Ford, the first woman of color and first queer person to complete the 1,200 trek across Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail with her dog Diggins. Our conversation with Emily was recorded and posted on the Boundary Waters Connect YouTube channel, along with most other Tuesday Group programs.

The tradition of Tuesday Group goes back to 2008, when a group of people convened at the Boathouse Brewpub (what was Cranberries at that time), to watch election results. They had fun, and decided to return the following week. It wasn’t long before the come-one, come-all gathering gained popularity and outgrew the restaurant.

These days Tuesday Group benefits from a strong partnership with the Grand Ely Lodge, which provides the space and audio/visual resources at no charge. Tuesday Group attendees are encouraged to order lunch, but ordering lunch is optional. It is important to all involved that Tuesday Group remains a FREE community service.

Most Tuesday Group presentations are offered in a hybrid model: both in-person and live online via Zoom. Go to the NMW Events page for information on upcoming Tuesday Group sessions. Recorded Tuesday Group presentations can be found on the Boundary Waters Connect YouTube channel.
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